RIDGE - Changes could be coming in the way children are placed in foster homes following the sexual abuse arrest of a Ridge foster father.

New York City's Administration for Children's Services, along with the nonprofit St. Christopher Ottilie were responsible for placing about 140 foster children with Cesar Gonzalez-Mugaburu, of Ridge. Officials say that Gonzalez-Mugaburu, a single man with no children of his own and no job, has been charged with sexually abusing seven of his foster sons.  

Officials said he was being paid about $18,000 a month to care for the children.

ACS said that it will no longer be using the nonprofit to place children until all investigations into the matter are complete.  It also said it will be visiting all 500 foster homes that St. Christopher Ottilie was overseeing.

Debi Edwards, a social worker at Longwood School, said last week that she raised concerns about Gonzalez-Mugaburu and the children more than a decade ago.  She says she complained numerous times to district officials and St. Christopher Ottilie.

"I was told that no more children would be placed in the home. Then lo and behold, there were other children in the home," she said.

News 12 asked Superintendent Michael Lonergan if the district was notified of any concerns regarding Gonzalez-Mugaburu.  He issued a statement saying, in part, "Our students’ privacy is protected by law and does not allow anyone to comment on the specifics of this unfortunate case."