ISLAND PARK - Homeowners along the South Shore say the extreme flooding they saw during recent winter storms is "nothing new."

One impacted community in Bay Park sits between a canal and a creek that floods regularly, according to residents.

Michael Howard says small fixes, such as raising the barrier walls in specific places and installing valves in the storm drains, could mean a big difference.

"These are small things that they can take care of quickly," says Howard.

Island Park homeowner Chris Noftell says building up the beach at the end of Pershing Place would prevent flooding.

"That would stop the water even during a new moon, lunar phases," says Noftell.

Residents told News 12 Long Island that they think part of the problem is that there are multiple layers of government involved in fixing flooding problems.  

Nassau Legislator Denise Ford – who represents the South Shore – says she is pushing for work to happen soon.

"We can't delay any longer. We've already lost a lot of time," says Ford.

Ford says the county first has to conduct a study to determine which projects will be approved for which communities.