RIVERHEAD - Sentencing was rescheduled today for a woman who was convicted of killing her unborn baby in a 2008 crash. Jennifer Jorgensen, of Miller Place, faces up to 15 years behind bars for the crash that happened when she was eight months pregnant. Police say she was driving along Whiskey Road in Ridge without a seatbelt when she smashed head-on into a car driven by 74-year-old Robert Kelley. Kelley and his wife, who was a passenger, both died from their injuries. Jorgensen was originally accused of drunken driving, but at her trial she claimed that the crash was a result of blacking out from pregnancy complications. She was acquitted of DWI and of charges related to the Kelleys' deaths, but was convicted of manslaughter in the death of her unborn child. Today, a judge rescheduled Jorgensen's sentencing for next month after she said one of her children is coping with serious medical problems. Prosecutors argued that she is simply trying to buy more time. Jorgensen has created a blog where she lays out her version of the accident and criticizes Suffolk officials for allegedly bungling the investigation. She claims she was prosecuted because Kelley was a former cop, and on the website she asks for donations to fund her appeal.Miller Place woman convicted of manslaughter in 2008 crash