WASHINGTON - Lawmakers in Washington have introduced the Campus Safety and Accountability Act in an effort to crack down on sexual assaults and rapes on college campuses.

The bipartisan bill requires training for on-campus workers and requires schools to handle all sexual assault complaints with the police.

The bill would also survey students at every American university about their experiences with sexual violence and provide resources for victims.

According to the proposed legislation, a woman who attends college is more likely to be sexually assaulted than a woman who does not.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D–NY) says that one in five students are raped or sexually assaulted during their college career.

“If a college or university does not report the data of rapes and assaults on their campus, they can be fined,” Gillibrand said of the proposed legislation.

In a gridlocked Congress with limited working days left until a summer recess, many say the bill faces a daunting path to be passed.