MILLER PLACE - The state Senate approved a bill Friday mandating research labs to reach out to animal shelters before euthanizing test dogs.

According to the bill, the labs would have to notify the shelters when dogs are available. Currently, most animals are killed after their time in the labs. 

State Sen. Phil Boyle of Bay Shore introduced the bill, which passed in the Senate unanimously. In spite of its success there, he says the legislation isn't expected to succeed in the state Assembly.

Manhattan Assemblywoman Debra Glick says she plans to drop the bill in its committee stage. She says many labs already do this voluntarily and that most shelters are already overburdened.

Boyle says only some labs offer up test subjects for adoptions. One nonprofit shelter contacted by News 12 says it would certainly make room for research dogs.

"There's no point to put a dog down that still has a decent amount of years ahead of them," says Michael Scotti, who has adopted several former test dogs. "Even if it's one year, it doesn't matter."