ROSYLN HEIGHTS - Sen. Charles Schumer is calling on the federal government to make it mandatory to install electronic speeding devices in big trucks and buses.

"Requiring electronic speed limiters on large trucks would save lives, prevent injuries and make our roadways safer by preventing high-speed damage," said Schumer.

According to federal statistics, the number of truckers killed in speed-related accidents has been increasing since 2013 and 2014. In each of those years, there were 14 deaths. In 2015, the toll jumped to 18.

Police say there have also been many speed-related truck crashes that have tied up the Long Island Expressway for hours at a time.

Many trucking associations around the country who oppose the plan insist speed controls on trucks should be voluntary.

"While the Trucking Association of New York is committed to improving safety on our highways, we do not support the proposed rule...Studies have shown that large speed differentials between cars and trucks can lead to an increase in accidents," said the New York Trucking Association.

Schumer says many local truck and bus companies have already installed the speed control equipment voluntarily.