WOODBURY - Sen. Charles Schumer called on the Secret Service Wednesday to crack down on an increase of counterfeit cash on Long Island.

He says the increase in counterfeit money is leaving local businesses high and dry when they attempt to deposit the bogus bills.

"A small business... you struggle to get that $20, or that $100, or that $50 in your cash register, and then when it's worthless and you have no recourse, it is extremely frustrating," said Sen. Schumer.

The Democratic senator estimated that $3 million in counterfeit money is being circulated in Nassau and Suffolk.

Last month, News 12 reported on several cases of counterfeit bills, including the interception of 650 fake $100 bills at John F. Kennedy International Airport and the arrest of Uniondale High School students who allegedly used fake cash.

Sen. Schumer says he would like the Secret Service to help train local police about spotting fake bills. They, in turn, could train local businesses owners.