PORT WASHINGTON - Sen. Charles Schumer vowed Monday to fight for millions of federal dollars to fund a plan to clean up the Long Island Sound.

The Environmental Protection Agency's long-term plan aims to reduce nitrogen by curbing stormwater runoff and ridding the Island of antiquated septic systems and cesspools.

"I'm here today to tell the residents of Long Island, and particularly on the North Shore of Long Island, that I will do everything I can to get the federal dollars needed," Schumer said, speaking in Port Washington.

Environmentalists and shell-fishers are applauding the proposal.

"We will support any plan that will improve the health of the Long Island Sound," said Jim Cammarata, of Frank M. Flower & Sons, one of the oldest shell-fishing operations on Long Island. The company harvests more than 5 million oysters and clams out of Oyster Bay each year.

Since the 1970s, the company says it realized the importance of replenishing the environment. It plants more than 50 million shellfish seedlings in Oyster Bay each year.