HICKSVILLE - Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for a ban on powdered alcohol products in a preemptive strike before such products hit the market in New York.

Also known as "palcohol," the powdered product can turn water or food into an alcoholic substance. At a press conference today, Schumer warned it poses a large threat to Long Island youths, calling it the "Kool-Aid of binge drinking."

"Powdered alcohol can easily be consumed and concealed hidden in clothes or shoes, and thus brought into concerts, sporting events, dances," Schumer said.

The senator says he urged the FDA to prevent powdered alcohol from hitting the shelves in September, but says the agency refused to investigate the products. Schumer chided the FDA for turning a "blind eye" to the dangers.

Schumer is calling on Long Island liquor stores owners to ban the sale of powdered alcohol in their shops. He says he plans on introducing a bill that addresses underage drinking and will make "palcohol" illegal.