RIVERHEAD - A Selden teenager was sentenced today to eight years in prison for her role in a series of attacks and robberies targeting Latinos in Suffolk County.

According to court documents, 19-year-old Felicia Smith and her co-defendant, Sean Allen, attacked and robbed at least eight Latino men last year because they were "easy targets" and were less likely to call police.

Prosecutors say Smith recently entered a guilty plea to being an accomplice in the crime spree.

Smith's father, Michael Smith, says she was a confused and drug-addicted teenager who would do anything for a fix. Both he and Smith's attorney, Sean Dickson, insist that the crimes were not motivated by hatred towards Latinos, but rather fueled by drugs.

Allen has also entered a guilty plea. His sentencing date has not been set. Four others were believed to be involved in at least two of the attacks. They all pleaded not guilty.