SELDEN - A Selden teen who was trying to sell his iPod on Craigslist says a sticky-fingered swindler got away with the device, and the whole incident was caught on surveillance video. Steven Riebe, 14, says he was trying to save up cash to buy a new BMX bike, so he listed his iPod Touch for sale on Craigslist. He listed it for $225, and before long, a buyer offered him $205 for it. The man arrived at Riebe's home, took a look at the iPod and then said he was leaving to pick up cash. Before he left, however, he slipped the device into his pocket and whipped out another one, this one broken, to hand back to the teen. By the time Riebe and his father realized what had happened, the buyer had already taken off. The whole incident was captured on home surveillance cameras that had been installed to watch for car vandalism, the family says.Suffolk police say they are investigating, but note that teens should avoid sites like Craigslist because they're often targeted by swindlers due to their age.