BABYLON - Police in Nassau and Suffolk counties are on high alert after the attack Thursday in Nice, France.

Authorities say a Tunisian man drove a truck through crowds that were celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84 people and wounding 202 others.

"This is the most egregious and horrifying vehicle attack that I've seen to date," says Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron. "But the tactic is not new. It's something that has been on our radar screens, and we have developed procedures on how to deal with that."

Police officials in Nassau and Suffolk counties say there are no imminent threats at this time, but both counties are on high alert in light of the attack.

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) says he feels that gathering intelligence within the Muslim community is key to protecting from attacks. "It could be a random comment to an undercover officer, it could be something picked up by an informant," he says.

Counterterrorism expert Denis Monette says local law enforcement should consider maintaining a high-alert posture at all times.

The NYPD has increased patrols in Manhattan and around the French consulate. There is also increased security at bridges and tunnels around the state.