EAST MEADOW - The second annual Long Island Conference on Eating Disorders will be held at Hofstra University this Saturday.

Experts say that 30 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lives.

One resident battling back from an eating disorder is Locust Valley resident Jenn Converse. She says her anorexia got so bad that at one point she weighed only 90 pounds.

The 22-year-old blamed her rapid weight loss on the stomach flu, and admits she was sneaky about covering it up. She credits her recovery to the people and the treatment at ED-180 in Garden City.

"It's a coping mechanism just like any other dysfunctional pattern, like shopping or gambling or drugs," says Dr. Jeffrey DeSarbo a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders. "It's a way for the person to control what's going on inside."

Registration for the conference is free, but seating is limited.