BAYPORT - Police say a good Samaritan helped rescue a pilot after his small seaplane went down in the waters off Bayport Tuesday morning.

The plane went down approximately 1,000 feet off the shore of Gerritsen Avenue at around 6:50 a.m., according to officials.

The good Samaritan tells News 12 that he tossed a rope from his boat to the pilot, who was floating on the plane's pontoon. The male pilot is OK and refused medical attention.  

FAA officials say preliminary reports show the Kitfox II aircraft experienced an engine-related problem while attempting to take off. According to the registration numbers on the tail, the aircraft was a kind of plane that people can build on their own.

The spokesperson for the Town of Islip says there were no violations according to the town's code. Suffolk police say they have not issued any citations.