SEAFORD - The owner of a Seaford pet store claims he's being targeted by the Town of Oyster Bay, which shut down his business for allegedly possessing and selling dangerous reptiles.

"I'm going to lose my business, I'm going lose my house and I'm going to lose everything that I own," says store owner Doug Delle-Cave.

Delle-Cave says he has all of the proper permits to house snakes, as well as an alligator, in his store, but he insists the critters were not for sale, but rather for educational purposes.

Although Delle-Cave removed all of the dangerous reptiles from his store, he says his business still has been condemned.

Officials cite town codes that make it illegal for a retail storefront to sell, house or possess poisonous snakes and reptiles.

Delle-Cave is set to go before a judge next week. His lawyers say since the town shut down his store, code enforcement officers haven't been back, even after he removed the animals in question.

Oyster Bay officials have responded by saying they would be happy to inspect the shop.