SEAFORD - The owner of a Seaford pet store specializing in reptiles says he did everything required of him to be in compliance with regulations, but his business has been shut down once again by the Town of Oyster Bay.

Doug Delle-Cave says every critter he has at D & J Reptiles is friendly and legal to sell, but officials disagree. They padlocked his storefront door and placed a violation notice on the window which states that the business has dangerous animals.

The Town of Oyster Bay says Delle-Cave hasn't complied with anything he was cited for back in April. A town spokesperson told News 12 Long Island that the store still sells poisonous animals, has no permit and no certificate of occupancy.

Delle-Cave, however, claims he has the permits and he got rid of several reptiles, including an alligator, a Nile crocodile and some venomous snakes.

Although D&J Reptiles is supposed to be closed, Delle-Cave is still doing business and caring for the animals. He says that two pythons and two lizards died the last time his store was shut down.