FREEPORT - Sen. Charles Schumer is pushing for a law that would grant access to the FBI's sex offender database to camps and other organizations that work with children.

Schumer says camps can view the state's sexual predator website, but says that's not enough.

"About 40 percent of those who commit crimes of sexual predation in organizations that serve children come from out of state. They try to find ways to be near kids where they can't get caught. That often means going out of state," Schumer says.

The law Schumer is pushing would grant access to the FBI's national database for a nominal fee. "It would cost virtually nothing because the lists are already in existence," he says.

Currently, camps have to pay a fee to get access to the state's sexual predator website. For nonprofit camps, that fee could be unaffordable.

The FBI database was originally for law enforcement agencies only, but Schumer wants to see its use expanded.