WOODBURY - Speed cameras went into effect Tuesday in Nassau County as many students returned to school.

Motorists who speed through the enforced areas can expect an $80 fine in the mail.

As News 12 has reported, Nassau began rolling out the camera program several weeks ago, resulting in thousands of tickets being issued. After a public outcry, the Mangano administration reversed all of the fines.

With schools open in most towns, 20 districts will have permanent and mobile speed cameras turned on. Officials say the cameras will be turned on from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on school days only.

Some lawmakers say the Mangano administration botched the roll out of the cameras by not giving motorists enough time to acclimate to the change. They also believe there should be warning signs or a flashing light to signify when the cameras are turned on.

Officials say there are plans to put lights around warning signs, but installation will take time.

It is estimated that tickets from the school zone cameras could bring in at least $25 million a year to Nassau County.

Nassau plans to install at least 56 cameras, one per school district. They also have several mobile units that can be parked in front of just about any school.

State law only allows one camera in each district to be on at a time.

Plans for school zone cameras in Suffolk County are in place for 2015.