CENTRAL ISLIP - Do you want to have a say in the biggest part of your tax bill? On Tuesday, you have a chance to vote on your Long Island school budget.

The vote comes as a debate continues over the effects of the state's property tax cap.

The cap aims to hold the line on taxes by limiting the spending of school districts and other municipalities.

Dorothy McCormick, of East Islip, says property taxes are what she struggles with most as she tries to hold on to the home she's owned for decades.

For her and other seniors, Gov. Andrew Cuomo's two-percent property tax cap is a good thing. 

Center Moriches School Superintendent Russ Stewart says while the cap has resulted in some positive belt-tightening, in other ways, it can stifle valuable programs.

Piercing the cap means 60-percent of voters have to say yes to the budget for it to pass.  It also means homeowners will lose the state rebate that other districts will get this year.

Many parents say the cap will make it harder for the budget to pass and that threatens programs vital for their kids.