SELDEN - Students at Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) are bracing for a possible tuition increase.

SCCC is the state's largest community college, with more than 25,000 students, and has long touted its low tuition. But facing mounting expenses and state aid cuts, college trustees are expected to vote on a proposal to increase the current annual tuition by $250 a year to $4,026. The jump represents a 6.6-percent hike.

Faculty members say they're concerned about the tuition increase and they voted to take no pay increase this year and next, but the administration says that the costs of pensions and health care are rising too fast.

College officials say they could cut the increase from $250 to $190 if the county contributes an additional $1.5 million in aid. However, Legislator Wayne Horsley (D-Babylon) says the county is already doing the best it can.

The Legislature isn't expected to vote on the college budget until June. If approved, the tuition costs will rise in the fall semester.