MALVERNE - A mix-up over who should be valedictorian and who should be salutatorian has created a lot of controversy at Malverne High School.

The issue is between Sarah St. John and Aalique Grahame, who both were rated No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in the class list. However, after double checking the numbers, the order was reversed, with the difference between them only three-tenths of a point.

The school admits the mistake, saying it calculated the scores from the wrong semester. To make up for the mistake, the school says it will name both co-valedictorians.

Grahame's family isn't pleased with the decision, saying he earned the honor and deserves to be alone at the top.

For St. John, she says she'd rather forget the whole thing and have no title than have to deal with all of the controversy.

Both students, however, are headed to college with near-full scholarships.