BOHEMIA - A school board meeting was held Tuesday night to discuss what should be done about an off-campus brawl involving Connetquot High School students.

Police say the fight happened on Remington Boulevard in Ronkonkoma Saturday afternoon, in an industrial area about one mile from the school. A 15-year-old student suffered a broken jaw in the fight.

Angry parents and students voiced their concerns at Tuesday’s school board meeting. The student that suffered the broken jaw, Nicholas Abrahamsen, was in attendance.

The head of security at the high school said the school was aware that a beef between the students was about to boil over, and that they tried to stop it by calling parents. The board says a new task force will be formed to address bullying and conflict among students.

District officials say they will continue to have stepped up security at the high school. Suffolk police say they are still investigating the case and want anyone with additional information to come forward.