SOUTHAMPTON - Jay Schneiderman, a registered Independent running on the Democratic ticket, declared victory in the race for Southampton town supervisor Tuesday night.

Schneiderman, who was previously a Suffolk County legislator and also once the supervisor of the neighboring Town of East Hampton, defeated Republican candidate Rich Yastrzemski.

Yastrzemski is currently a trustee in the Village of Southampton.

Schneiderman had campaigned in opposition to large-scale development in the town.

Yastrzemski had said his priorities include being a steward for the environment while still allowing "responsible development" on the East End.

Schneiderman spent 12 years as a Suffolk County legislator and was formerly the supervisor in the neighboring Town of East Hampton.

Political analyst Mike Dawidziak earlier said that Schneiderman's status as an Independent could have served as an advantage.

"Somebody who's not identified as being an extreme partisan, which I think works for him very well," Dawidziak said.