SAYVILLE - The management of a Sayville nursing home says its air conditioning is once again up and running.

Earlier, News 12 Long Island spoke with residents and loved ones at Sayville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, who were concerned due to the hot August weather. Some chocolate in one 84-year-old's room was reduced to a melted mess, and relatives expressed concerns about the "extremely warm" room temperatures.

The management says it brought in 20 portable AC units to common areas in the facility while repairs were made, and says it monitored the temperatures in individual bedrooms. It says the temperatures did not approach an unsafe level at any time.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Monday, the nursing home's facilities administrator contacted News 12 and said its air conditioning was once again working.

A state Department of Health spokesperson told News 12 that the agency is aware of the matter and is investigating.