WOODBURY - Sarah Palin appeared today in Woodbury before Long Island's largest business group to discuss President Barack Obama's budget proposal. Speaking in a ballroom at the Crest Hollow Country Club before some 1,000 guests, the former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska's former governor quickly launched into her familiar criticisms of Obama."What President Obama is doing and what this administration is supporting is America being on a road to ruin," Palin said. Palin did not take any questions from the media or from the audience during her hour-long appearance at the Long Island Association's (LIA) annual meeting. Instead, she answered questions on a wide variety of topics from LIA President Kevin Law. When asked toward the end of the question-and-answer session if she's planning to run for president in 2012, Palin said she hasn't made up her mind and is still thinking about it. At the conclusion of the event, many in the audience said they came away more impressed with Palin than they were going in.

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