RIVERHEAD - The Central Islip woman accused of killing her newborn daughter was arraigned Wednesday.

Santos Elena Ruiz Solano, 26, was charged with murder after police say she killed her newborn baby girl at a residence where she worked as a housekeeper. 

Prosecutors say the baby suffered at least three skull fractures that would have been caused by at least one impact. 

Police say after giving birth inside the West Islip home, Ruiz Solano called her husband to pick her up and take her to the hospital. When he got there, detectives say she handed him a bag and asked him to throw it out. He did not know what was inside. 

Officials say her husband became suspicious, so he checked the bag when he got to the hospital, found the baby and called police. 

Ruiz Solano was pregnant for seven months without anyone knowing. Solano says she was raped while crossing the border from Honduras, and that is why she was pregnant.

Ruiz Solano's lawyer says his client is devastated, and claims the baby was stillborn. 

Ruiz Solano was not granted bail and is due back in court next month.