MASSAPEQUA - Hundreds of Sandy victims who are still struggling to recover years later headed to Washington today for answers.

More than 200 people from Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey boarded buses and headed down to the nation's capital to protest FEMA's response this morning.

Rhonda Verrier, a Lindenhurst resident, tells News 12 she lost the entire first floor of her home during Sandy, but still hasn't received her full funding from insurance claims. 

The group says it would like a congressional investigation into how FEMA has distributed its funds.  In addition, they say they want to get what they say they deserve, and make sure they're not forgotten. 

In a statement to News 12, Director of Public Affairs for FEMA Rafael Lemaitre said, “Most policyholders who filed claims after Sandy were satisfied with their claims, however, there are many who were underpaid by their insurance company.  These survivors have been through too much already, and the last thing they need more than three years after Sandy is to deal with being underpaid by their insurance company. Survivors always come first, and that is why we’ve set up an unprecedented process to review these claims and pay out every penny owed to policyholders under their policies. Already, more than $50 million have gone to policyholders and we’re working as quickly as possible to continue to make things right. Even as we do that, we’re continuing to overhaul the flood insurance program to make sure the companies we partner with share our values of putting policyholders and survivors first.”