NEWTOWN, Conn. - The students of Sandy Hook Elementary School returned to class this morning, three weeks after they were terrorized by a mass shooting that gripped the nation.

The kids were back in class for the first time since a gunman killed 20 of their schoolmates and six educators. Their new school is in a neighboring town and has been transformed to resemble the old Sandy Hook, even bearing the same name.

The school is a former middle school in Connecticut that closed two years ago and has been transformed over the past couple of weeks.

Police from Monroe, Newtown and neighboring communities are patrolling the area around the new school, which is about seven miles away from the original Sandy Hook.

Yesterday, students and parents got the chance to tour the school so that they could become comfortable in their new surroundings. Many things inside the new building are from Sandy Hook, including desks and furniture.

The new school also has some of the same rugs from Sandy Hook, so it looks normal to the kids. Even the school's pet turtle was relocated.