WOODBURY - Long Island may be more vulnerable to flooding because of the failure to repair bulkheads after Superstorm Sandy.

Some communities, including Freeport, fixed damaged bulkheads after the storm. But at least 1,000 bulkheads across Long Island still haven't been repaired, according to Newsday.

Experts at Stony Brook University warn the damaged structures coupled with rising water levels could result in major flooding.

Babylon resident Cathy Gismervik is worried about the next storm. The bulkhead that's supposed to protect her home and yard was badly damaged, and water can pass right through it. "If we have one bad nor'easter this winter, it's going to knock down everything. The little bit of bulkhead I do have left will be gone," she says.

Gismervik and many other homeowners have applied for aid to fix their bulkheads with the state's storm recovery program, New York Rising.

News 12 contacted the state several times for comment, but has not heard back.