PHILADELPHIA - There was strong support for Hillary Clinton on day one of the Democratic National Convention.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took the stage and outlined the progressive proposals he had championed throughout his primary campaign.

Sanders then delighted the majority of the convention hall when he reiterated his feeling that Hillary Clinton is now best positioned to make many of those progressive possessions become a reality. Sanders’ speech capped off a wild day one at the DNC.

Former Democratic national committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz did not have the opportunity to gavel in the convention.

Shultz was forced to resign after the website Wikileaks published emails apparently showing top DNC officials plotting against Sanders during the primary.

Some Sanders supporters shouted down pro-Clinton speakers on the floor, and New York Sanders delegate Steven Abreu says he will not support Clinton, even with Sanders' blessing.

However, many Clinton supporters believe that those supporting Sanders will ultimately get behind the party's presumptive nominee.

First lady Michelle Obama and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren also made the case for Clinton, and for party unity. 

Later today, the official delegate vote tally will take place.