TOBAY BEACH - A stranger with a metal detector has reunited a Long Island woman with the wedding ring she lost in the sand at Tobay Beach.

Debbie Potter says she handed her jewelry to her husband, Brandon, so she could put sunscreen on their children. He tucked the items into her pocket — or so he thought — but by the end of the day they were missing.

"At the end of the day I asked him for my ring," Debbie Potter says. "My heart absolutely just sank."

But Mike Jandris, of Holtsville, saw Brandon Potter’s frantic Facebook post about the loss and contacted the couple. He says his friends call him the Sand Whisperer, and along with his metal detector, he says he's found more than 100 lost rings around Long Island beaches.

"I didn't know if the ring was $100 or $200,000, but to them it's priceless," Jandris says.

Within five minutes of searching at Tobay Beach, his metal detector went off.

"I will never bring my ring to the beach again," Debbie Potter says, now that it's home safe with a little help from her new friend.