GLEN COVE - The owner of a Glen Cove salvage yard is facing multiple charges for allegedly dumping thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals into the ground. Prosecutors say a tip led them to John Doxey, owner of Doxey's Salvage Yard. Investigators say he dumped hydraulic fuel, oil and other toxic automotive chemicals near his yard. Environmental officials say the contamination seeped about 15 feet down into the soil. They say the drinking water starts at about 100 feet, so there is no immediate danger, but they note the Glen Cove waterway is just 50 feet away. If the chemicals make it into the water, they could wind up in the Long Island Sound.Doxey is charged with 10 counts of endangering public health and discharge of pollution into waters. If convicted, he'll have to pay for the cleanup.Investigators say Doxey is under investigation for possibly polluting another property in Glen Cove.