WOODBURY - Statistics show that there’s one burglary in every 16 seconds in the country, with an average of two homes broken in to a day in Nassau County. But there are ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. News 12 Long Island’s Elizabeth Hashagen looks at several ways to keep an unwanted intruder from breaking in and how to stay safe at home.

Nassau police say homeowners need to think like a burglar in order to keep one from breaking in and taking valuable items. They suggest itemizing important belongings and taking photographs of each one.

“Burglars are going to go to the bedroom because historically that's where most people keep their personal belongings,” says Nassau Detective Lt. Richard LeBrun. “Put it in a basement or an attic or somewhere in the home where a burglar isn't going to look.”

LeBrun suggests having a home safety checklist that includes lights, ladders and locks. LeBrun says that by keeping lights, and even music, on in the house when you’re not home, or on a timer, it looks as if someone is home, so a burglar might skip the residence.

Ladders should always be put away and out of sight. Police say by keeping ladders outside, they could be a tool for a thief. Locks make a big difference, police say. Experts suggest using a deadbolt at least 1 inch thick and making sure it’s fully deployed.

Police also recommend getting to know your neighbors. “Neighbors next door watching your house is nice to have,” says Detective Fred Black.