RONKONKOMA - Parents in the Sachem School District are demanding answers after confidential information about students apparently made its way to the Web.

The district released a statement this afternoon confirming that "internal information" about its students had been shared on a local message board. The data was posted to a local forum website called Sachem UnSpun.

Superintendent Jim Nolan wouldn't speak with News 12 on camera, but he says he found out about the issue from parents who called the school. By the time he checked the site, the information had already been taken down.

Nolan declined to elaborate on what type of information was published, or how many students may have been impacted.

Nolan says the district's own website is secure and there doesn't appear to have been a breach. He says he has met with Suffolk police who are now investigating how the information got out.

Parents are worried about the scope of the problem. "I'm really concerned if any kind of medical information or Social Security or personal information was given out," says Renee Fier, whose daughter is in 10th grade at Sachem High School.

Fier says that she and other parents are concerned that the data included medical or financial information. "If your child is getting free lunch, you don't want anyone to know that," she says. "I'm keeping my fingers crossed it was something innocent and nothing detrimental to the students."

Sachem officials are urging anyone with information to email them at Police confirmed that they are investigating.