EAST NORTHPORT - The alleged driver in a deadly hit-and-run in East Northport faced a judge today.

Police say 24-year-old Ryan Bales hit 20-year-old Alex Zydel on Soundview Avenue early Thursday morning.

Zydel had initially crashed his SUV into a tree at around 1 a.m. and was thrown out of the car upon impact. Police say Bales was driving by when he struck Zydel and then took off.

A witness told News 12 it looked like Zydel was already dead in the street before he was run over, but police say that would not change the charges against Bales.

Bales turned himself into police hours after he allegedly left the scene. According to court records, Bales allegedly told police he knew he ran over a person in the street, saying, "I saw feet. I felt a bump, I realized I ran over a person."

Bales was arraigned this afternoon on a charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. He posted his $7,500 bail.