SOCHI, RUSSIA - The battle against terrorism continues for Russian authorities amid the Olympic games in Sochi.  

Russian special forces killed five suspected militants Saturday and took another into custody during a raid in Dagestan. The suspects were discovered during a raid about 300 miles from where the Olympic games are taking place.

The incident comes one day after a man tried to allegedly hijack a plane bound for Turkey and divert it to Sochi. The Ukranian man claimed he had a bomb on board before trying to break into the cockpit. Turkish authorities said no threat was found.

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) says the fact that the Russian government refuses to share intelligence on local terror groups is only putting the athletes and spectators in more danger.

"For one, they have the pride that they feel like they can do it on their own. Secondly, they feel if they give us intelligence, we'll be able to figure out how they got it and we can use that against them in the future," King says.

Meanwhile, organizers say more than 80 percent of tickets to events have already been sold. Russian spectators were allowed 70 percent of the available passes.

During the games, Long Island's Olympians, Aidan Kelly of West Islip, Huntington Station's Matt Mortensen, and John Daly, of Smithtown, tweeted that they were excited to watch Team USA's women's hockey compete.

Kelly came in 26th in Saturday's luge event.