MEDFORD - A Long Island woman is running seven marathons in seven days to pay tribute to fallen heroes and to raise money for local veterans.

Eva Casale kicked off her mission last Saturday in the rain in Medford. She says running and helping people have always been her passion.

“I feel like I'm just one person. A woman with a pair of running shoes, just out to make a difference,” says Casale.

Casale will run almost 200 miles this week. With each step she takes, she says she’ll remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country. During each of the marathons, Casale is stopping along her route to pay tribute to at least two dozen soldiers from Suffolk who never made it home, including Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher Scherer, of East Northport, and Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa, of Coram.

Casale is also inviting the public to run alongside her, to help raise money for the group “Hope for the Warriors.” She will be running until Saturday.