SMITHTOWN - Rumors of gang activity moving into Smithtown were quelled by police at a monthly community meeting Tuesday night.

Inspector William Murphy from the Fourth Precinct says there was no truth to the Internet rumors that members of the Latin Kings were running some of the bars on Main Street in Smithtown.

Police say an assault involving three Hispanics and three white males on March 16 sparked a rumor that the incident was gang related.

Murphy says the manager of Republic Lounge was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment for having an overcrowded bar. Police say another man was also arrested outside the bar for inciting a riot and resisting arrest.

Some residents who attended the meeting at Nesconset Library told News 12 they were glad to hear the findings.

“I was just really surprised to hear that there would be a gang problem in Smithtown,” said one resident. “I have lived in Smithtown for 10 years now and I feel relatively safe.”