MELVILLE - Melville residents say a reconstruction project that's supposed to better Long Island is making their lives worse.Since the Route 110 reconstruction project began 18 months ago, residents say they've endured mind-numbing noise and vibrations. Back in March, resident Betty Cella said the ground-shaking construction work cracked the foundation of her Gwynne Road home.Department of Transportation (DOT) officials say the noise comes from a vibratory land roller, which is a piece of equipment that shapes and compacts the sand. They say there's no way to build a bridge without using the machine. Officials say neighbors should expect the noise and vibrations to continue for at least another week.In the meantime, DOT workers have installed devices along Gwynne Road to monitor vibration levels. A DOT spokeswoman says the levels are in line with state safety regulations so far. But residents say they have to leave their homes whenever the work is going on.The Route 110 reconstruction project is scheduled for completion in 2014.