ROOSEVELT - Police have arrested the man who allegedly attacked a woman on a street corner in Roosevelt yesterday as she cradled her infant son. The bizarre confrontation was captured on surveillance video from a nearby church. Police say Serge Delaleu, 41, jumped out in front of a 24-year-old mother who was headed down Nassau Road. The video shows Delaleu becoming very agitated and spitting in the woman's face before she tries to walk away. Delaleu then can be seen lunging at her as she darts into the street. The mother had her 4-month-old son strapped to her chest in a child carrier during the entire incident. Investigators originally called the incident an abduction attempt. Nassau police say Delaleu has a history of erratic behavior and has been arrested multiple times. He lives in a rooming house with several other men in Roosevelt. Delaleu is being held on $18,000 bail and he's due back in court on Friday.