RONKONKOMA - A Ronkonkoma man says he found a bag filled with rare stamps on an eastbound LIRR train and he wants to make sure the stamps are returned to the right owner.

Brian Ginsberg says he boarded the 1:14 p.m. train from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma and found a green bag on one of the seats. There was no ID or name on or inside the bag, but it contained a clear plastic bag filled with envelopes. Inside the envelopes, Ginsberg found hundreds of neatly organized and labeled stamps from around the world, some dating back to 1938. He says he didn't feel comfortable handing the bag over to the conductor or lost and found, so he contacted News 12 Long Island for help.

Ginsberg says he did a Google search and found some of the stamps are worth between $50 and $60.

If you're the owner of the stamp collection, email and use the subject "Stamp Collection." You must be able to identify the contents of the envelope Ginsberg showed on-air.