ROCKVILLE CENTRE - A Rockville Centre woman says she was left with a potentially dangerous problem near her driveway after a gas line was repaired earlier this week.

Peggy Felton says a hole exposing a gas pipe that National Grid recently worked on appeared Tuesday at the foot of her driveway on Merrick Road.

That hole, she says, started out small but wound up being bigger than a shoe box as the asphalt crumbled near the gas line cap.

Felton says street parking regulations made it nearly impossible to avoid driving over the hole that lined her driveway.

"I was terrified to drive my car over it because I felt like the car was going to get stuck,” said Felton. "I kept calling them up and asking them to fix it. They really just didn't care. They said ‘we'll get there when we get there.’"

She then called News 12.

News 12 reached out to a spokesperson for National Grid who sent out a dispatch team. The hole was then filled.

That spokesperson for National Grid also said a crew was dispatched Wednesday morning at that address to investigate a report of a gas leak. They determined there was no leak. He did not state whether a report was made about a hole.