FARMINGDALE - A construction project in Farmingdale is eating up space for parking along a busy road, and some store owners say they are seeing a decline in business.

Patrons of the Grecian Grill at the corner of Main and Conklin streets say that a recent decision by the state Department of Transportation to remove parking spaces in front of the restaurant makes getting inside the door difficult.

The situation is the same at La Bottega, located next door to Grecian Grill. La Bottega's owner says the lack of parking caused by construction is affecting business, especially since much of it relies on takeout orders.

A left-turning lane is being built on the other side of the street, where business owners are also affected.

There are currently municipal parking lots behind the impacted businesses. Mayor Ralph Ekstrand says that the village will spend $2 million to expand and redesign the lots. The work is expected to add 100 more parking spaces.

News 12 reached out to the DOT for comment, but has not yet heard back.