HUNTINGTON - Long Island drivers cruise right over them all the time, but when manhole covers are missing, local roadways can become riddled with dangerous pits.Authorities say nearly 20 manhole covers have been stolen in the Town of Huntington in the past few weeks. The covers have vanished in areas all over the town, including Northport, Greenlawn and Huntington Station. On Windham Drive in South Huntington, three manhole covers were stolen on the same block.Missing covers can put drivers and their vehicles at risk because the holes are typically wide enough to swallow up an entire wheel, causing serious damage and potential injuries. Exposed manholes can also create a hazard for walkers, joggers and even animals who might not notice the deep pits in front of them.Just last week, a baby deer was rescued by Suffolk police from an exposed manhole in Mount Sinai. Investigators say they suspect the steel and metal covers are being stolen to be sold as scrap. Each weighs about 70 pounds and costs nearly $250 to replace. Officers rescue fawn from Mount Sinai manhole