RIVERHEAD - Nearly a year after floods left parts of Riverhead under water and forced many residents out of their homes, some are still picking up the pieces and waiting for federal assistance.

Many of the flood victims who were forced out of their homes by the gushing water have been living with friends or relatives for the past year, still paying their mortgages and taxes while hoping for aid from the government.

Suffolk Legislator Ed Romaine (R-Riverhead) sponsored a bill that would put Horton Avenue homeowners in Riverhead, and anyone else who lost their homes in a natural disaster, at the top of the county's affordable-housing waiting list.

Ultimately, the plans are to demolish the flooded homes and turn the land into an open-space flood area.

FEMA is expected to decide in a few weeks whether to grant millions of dollars worth of aid to the Town of Riverhead and the homeowners.