RIVERHEAD - Officials in Riverhead are taking extra precautions as Hermine lingers off the coast, closing parking lots in flood zones and asking residents to be vigilant.

Both the North Shore and East End could face erosion and flooding due to the storm surge. 

Riverhead's waterfront municipal parking lots along the Peconic River often flood during storms, and police are asking residents not to park there until Hermine moves out of the region.

Supervisor Sean Walter says all of the town's departments are ready to respond to whatever the storm brings, even though it is not expected to make landfall.

"I think we dodged a bullet," he says. "It looks like Hermine is going to go out, hopefully it stays out."

But despite the storm's distance, he says residents should be aware of their surroundings and stay out of the water.

"We don't want people to get this false sense of security," Walter says.