RIVERHEAD - Business owners in Riverhead say they are losing customers because there aren't enough parking spots.

Some town leaders say the problem is lack of enforcement, including people parking on Main Street and in the municipal lots for longer than the time allotted. Riverhead Town Councilman John Dunleavy says he believes a portion of the municipal lots, as well as Main Street, needs to be metered. 

"The employees of the stores are parking in front of their stores and right behind, and they're staying there for eight hours.  We have apartments - they're parking in restricted areas, and they can because there's no enforcement," says Dunleavy.

Business owners say something needs to be done before the situation gets worse.

"I do lose business because people prefer to go to the next store where there is parking right in front of the store," says Angel Bamberger, of Cybersitio.

Ray Pickersgill, a salon owner and the head of the town's parking advisory committee, says the town needs to go a step further and build a parking garage.

The parking advisory committee will be making recommendations on the issue to the town board on April 28.