MASSAPEQUA - A Massapequa family woke up Sunday morning to discover their car on cement blocks with its rims stolen.

In surveillance footage of the incident, five thieves pull up to Gina Hansen's car 30 minutes after she got home from her babysitting job early Sunday morning. One man allegedly used a jack to lift the car, while another went to the corner to keep watch, and the other two pulled the rims off. Another man appears to load the stolen goods into a getaway van.

The Hansen family installed seven security cameras around their home about a year ago, when rims were stolen from another car.

Michael Hansen says he hopes the cameras, along with a receipt from a Queens pharmacy dropped at the home, will help police catch the thieves.

Police say the rim-snatching crew hit a total of seven vehicles between Friday and Sunday in North Massapequa and Hicksville.

"In all cases the vehicles have four tires and rims stolen from them and they are boosted up on cider-type blocks," said Deputy Inspector Gary Shapiro.

Police suggest parking under bright lights and using wheel locks. Anyone with information about the crime spree is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.