WOODBURY - A federal review of FEMA's Superstorm Sandy payouts has found that more than half of the victims were underpaid on their flood insurance claims.

Victims say they're tired of dealing with the bureaucracy.

Catherine Shannon, of Island Park, says she's received just $44,000 out of the $108,000 she's eligible for from FEMA. Over the past three years, she's been making repairs and upgrades.

Newsday reported Thursday that more than half of the Sandy victims who filed claims with FEMA were underpaid by about $16,000 each.

In May, FEMA representatives visited Long Beach and admitted that there was "evidence" that people were likely shortchanged.

FEMA did not respond to a News 12 request for comment.

Residents who wish to have their claims reviewed with FEMA have until the Sept. 15 deadline.