UNIONDALE - According to civic leaders, the town of Hempstead has agreed to draft a resolution to repeal the "East Garden City" designation of a northern section of Uniondale.  

According to the 2010 Federal Census, residents of the hamlet technically live in East Garden City. The area consists of 3 square miles and includes prime real estate like the Nassau Coliseum, Museum Row and The Avalon apartment complex.

As News 12 has reported, many residents protested the designation because they say it would lead to higher taxes and increased competition for federal grants.

“It already is having a drain on our property values and tax base with negative impact for our services and it could get worse if we don't stop it,” said Greg Maney, of the Greater Uniondale Area Action Coalition.

Civic leaders also told News 12 that census reps have agreed to meet with Nassau County about eliminating the name from the upcoming 2020 census.

Residents say they plan to keep up the momentum by making robocalls and knocking on doors. They hope the resolution will be introduced at the next town of Hempstead meeting on April 24, and to have the meeting with the Census by mid-May.